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3D Virtual Games

Educational games to support your child’s English skills and develop a love for learning.

English Games for ages 3-12

Does your child struggle learning English with textbooks?

Are they bored of traditional methods of learning?

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Bringing the fun back to learning English with 3D interactive games.

Immersive Learning Environment

3D virtual games pre-made for your child to explore, learn, and grow in confidence. Your child receives a customizable avatar that they control in order to complete set challenges and tasks throughout each activity.

Interactive Activities

Not only can your child move their avatar, but they can participate in games, puzzles, challenges, and tasks set by us. Activities may include selecting the correct item to unlock a door and progress through the world, complete a puzzle such as an anagram to unlock a chest, or answer the comprehension questions correctly for the selected book.

Goal Focused Learning

Every virtual game provided has specific goals in mind to aid your child's English skills and confidence. Outside of our demo creations, our 3D games focus on developing specific skills such as grammar, learning to read, comprehension, or vocabulary. Every activity ensures your child will be learning as they complete each game.


Learn about the benefits of gamification, see the key features of our games, and view samples of the games your child can play with theOET.

Key Features

Game-based learning to improve focus, participation, and student enjoyment.
3D learning environment with interactive elements to bring each game to life, make activities more realistic, and for active learning to take place.
Carefully created activities with educational goals in mind to relate to a specific English skill and improve confidence.
Customizable 3D avatar that can be personalised.

What our student have to say

"These games are so fun. My child is willing to write full sentences of their own accord without being asked to."
Mum to Sophie
Home educating parent in the UK
"We love these activities. Klara can practice her English skills without using workbooks, which she hates."
Mum to Klara
Home educating parent in the UK
"These activities really help El practice her English outside of our private lessons. She is feeling so much more confident."
Mum to El
ESL student from China

Watch your child's English skills grow

  • Pre-made educational games that are interactive and immersive for a high quality learning experience

  • New games added every month

  • Student dashboard

  • Unlimited plays per game

  • Affordable monthly subscription: one subscription per family not per student

What Our Community Members Say


How much does it cost to access the games?

I only want to play one game. Can I purchase individual games?

How do we access the courses and workbooks that are linked to some of the games?

What is your refund policy?